Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Winter.......what winter?

Well, we're almost at the end of February and Peterborough has just not seen the worst of what the great British weather can throw at us. Okay the River Nene has been high for weeks and the Whittlesey Washes are flooded making travel into Peterborough using the back roads a little dicey.
Apart from that the forecasters reckon we are in for the hottest summer ever due to the water temperatures in the Pacific. Namely elnino, only time will tell.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Housing Crisis.

According to the latest report out, East Cambridgeshire and Fenland are going to see population increases up to 35% in the next ten years. Already in a housing crisis this area in particular will suffer price increases in the region of 52% making it impossible for first time buyers to get on the property ladder.
The report was aired on Anglia News last night, if you missed the bulletin just click the link below to watch.

East Cambs and Fenland Housing Crisis Set To Worsen

For my take on the situation read my full article on the subject -

The UK Housing Crisis by Steve Mitchell

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Accident Reduction Scheme Underway.

Road works are now underway on the A1139 Frank Perkins and Fletton parkway in a bid to cut the number of accidents at it's junction with Boongate, Peterborough. The accident reduction scheme is as a result of this junction being the worst junction in the Peterborough council area between 2009 and 2011.
It is anticipated that delays will and currently are being caused at peak times whilst the works are in operation. Once fully underway a 40 m.p.h speed limit will be imposed on the A1139.

Accident Causes Delays in Accident Blackspot.

An accident between a motorcyclist and a car occured on Boongate roundabout today and reminds residents of the town why the road works in the area are going ahead. As reported above the accident reduction scheme is goin ahead as a result of the number of accidents in the area. Todays accident will cement the decision that the council and highways department jointly made to bring about the scheme and will agree that it has been started at an important time.

Accident at Boongate 1st Nov 2012

For the full story in the ET click the link.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Charge Your Electric Vehicle.

Whilst out and about in Peterborough it became apparent that you can now charge your electric vehicle whilst using parking bays on  Park Road.There are also pods or charging points in Haven Car Park on Bishops Road and outside the Eco Innovation Centre in City Road / Midgate. When exactly they were installed I am not sure but they form part of the Source East scheme.
800 charging points throughout the East of England as part of this scheme means that anybody with an electric vehicle or ev for short is only ever 25 miles away from a charging point.

I have to say that when I noticed these points there were no vehicles using them. This I am sure will change as more and more electric vehicles are coming on the market and in time prices will become more affordable.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It's Official - Recession now over.

If you take a walk around the centre of Peterborough today you wouldn't think that there is any truth in the title for this post. That is the view of academics and economists that the longest recession since the 2nd world war has in fact come to an end.
If it is the case why does our City look so gloomy with all the empty shop units which you can see just on a walk between Midgate and Bridge Street. Big shops lay idle such as JJB Sports, The Muffin Shop to mention a few. It  really is in a depressing state and one which is probably the worst I have seen since moving here from Leeds in 1999.
Compound the issue with the Bridge Street improvements work and you think that the City Council have lost the plot. Christmas is coming and is a chance for the City to be showcased, instead it looks like we will have to face a bleak winter until the works are complete next Spring.
Many of the shops on Bridge Street are occupied not by retailers but by companies linked to the works and for informational reasons. Peterborough College have taken over what was Hankins Bazaar. Is this a ploy by the council to head off the downturned, desolated look which would otherwise be even worse without these units being occupied.
There is good news though.
Especially if you have the need to put a bet on or need the services of a pawn broker.
Sarcastic I know this must sound but our fine City is being over run with the aforementioned shops. Bookmakers and money lenders seem to be the most successful and be among the best appointed and used shops in the town. Do we really need so many Money Shops and Turf Accountants in such a small area of Westgate, Midgate, Broadway, Long Causeway and Bridge Street.
Come on councillors take a good look at what is happening in your Town.
What message is being displayed to the visitors who come here to look at our wonderful landmarks. I can't even imagine what visitors must think when they see the state of our Retail Centre. Will they visit again? Who knows.
This is my take on the current situation in Peterborough on my out and about walk today.
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Until the next post.