Monday, 29 October 2012

Shared Interests Of Peterborough UK And Peterborough Ontario

Autumn Colours Event

It would appear that our Peterborough shares an interest in motor sports with Peterborough, Ontario. Both Cities have their own raceway and a loyal following of supporters.
Check out the in car video and drive around the Ontario circuit in the race Autumn Colours.
If you like oval racing this will be just down your street.


What is Oval Racing?

Oval racing can be found mainly in North America and like our Stock Car racing in this country it consists of cars racing around an oval concrete raceway.
Oval racing can be seen close to Peterborough at Rockingham Raceway near Corby in Northamptonshire.
The most famous oval tracks in America are Daytona and Indianapolis.
Very often the tracks are banked to the sides making for great thrills and spills as cars thunder up the bank towards the guard rails and concrete walls.
The likes of Daytona and Indianapolis are in the classification of Superspeedways due to their immense size and length. Other classifications of track include short tracks, mile ovals and intermediate. All varying in width, length and size in general.
As if that's not enough there are also classifications in shapes of tracks. These include paper clip ovals, tri - ovals, quad ovals,  D shaped ovals and rovals.
The roval is not quite as self explanatory as the other classifications as the word roval means that the course consists of a road course as well as an oval. This type of track is sometimes referred to as a combined course.

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