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Out  & About is a new concept for me and one in which I hope to be successful and put my mark on the blogging fraternity. Before I can do this I will need traffic. Like all blogs if I can get traffic and visitors as well as followers there will be a chance that I may be able to get advertising sponsorship from local businesses.
Starting with this the first blog in the series, I feel it necessary to start with my home town of Peterborough.
What I hope to achieve with the concept is firstly to provide information for readers who intend to visit the town in future by blogging about places, people and events in and around the town. It will also be a source of information for residents of the City and I am hoping that I can build up a number of guest bloggers who will provide some of the articles and content for each of the blogs.
Sponsorship will be a goal in the not too distant future also as will be the need to buy domain names for subsequent City blogs.
If you have any ideas or would be interested in providing articles and content for the blogs then please by all means e-mail me with any questions you may have.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Steve Mitchell

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